Welcome to Bellissima Bridal Boutique

If you are visiting the boutique is because the big day is coming.

Congratulations babe! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Let me spend a few words to introduce myself. My name is Sara and I am the creative mind behind Bellissima Bridal Boutique, but first of all, I am a wife and a mum.

I’m the one in the picture above (and below, and around the site ha!) and he is my husband Pat. We are both from Italy and we live in Australia since 2013. Our beautiful daughter Giorgia is almost 2yo and she is always with me while I’m working for Bellissima! Although she is still too little, you can meet her in the Flower Girl Robes section.

The story behind..

The incredible journey that brings me to the creation of Bellissima started right after I gave birth to my little girl, Giorgia. After a few months wearing pyjamas, always-dirty clothes and messy hair, in a body that did not look mine anymore, I was unrecognisable.

So one day I asked myself: “when was last time I felt the most beautiful looking at me in the mirror?” The immediate answer was “on my wedding day!”. 

Well, I know this might sound a bit obvious, but, if you think about it, how many other occasions do you have to focus 100% on you, in your life?

That day I felt the most gorgeous girl in the world.

I loved the attention I was given. I loved how my girlfriends cuddled me before the special day. I liked how my mum and grandma helped me to dress up. I loved how my hair & makeup was done. I loved how emotional was my father leading me to the altar. I loved how my husband looked at me all day. And I felt gorgeous, even when I cried dancing with my brother.

I want you – bride to be – to feel the same way, and I am sure you will.

And one day is not enough to feel in that way. I would love to help you to feel gorgeous before, during and after your wedding day. We deserve to feel special every day of our life.

Our wedding day..

That day… It was amazing. I was amazing. My husband (look at his long hair!) was amazing.

I planned the wedding all by myself, and I enjoyed every part of it.

Except for the wedding dress search. I always thought it would be the most exciting part. But do you know how difficult it is to find the right dress? Do you have any idea of the pressure that your family and friends put on you when after trying dozens of dresses you still did not find the one?

If you feel the same way I got you, darling. It could take time but in the end you will find it! I promise.

Anyway… We decided to get married during winter time – a crazy idea for most of our guests – the 15th of December 2012. Absolutely an unusual date for a wedding in Italy, but we love the atmosphere before Christmas: the cold weather, the fireplace, the lights, the silver decorations, the trees and…the snow. I really love the snow.

Well, let me tell you this…the night before the big day I was lucky enough to get the most beautiful and romantic snowfall I’ve ever seen.

When I woke up, on the wedding morning, there was a spectacular view. Furthermore, after the ceremony and during the day, the sun shined and gave us an almost spring day. It is very unusual in northern Italy on the 15th of December! Having the snow and that beautiful sun together was magic. Have a look at this image below.

BBB is designed for you..

Bellissima Bridal Boutique is luxurious, feminine, elegant and designed to drape your body and make you feel beautiful instantly. The new collection of bridal and bridesmaid robes includes unique pieces, selected satin fabrics and raffinate lace trims.

Bellissima’s collection is perfect to celebrate pre-wedding moments such as the bridal shower, to get unforgettable getting-ready photos with your mum, sister(s), bridesmaids or your little flower girls before the wedding ceremony and to feel beautiful every day after the big day.

You will not put your bridal robe in the wardrobe – this will be the destiny of your wedding dress, unfortunately. Your bridal robe will become one of your favourite items to wear hundreds of times because every time you wear it you will feel that pleasant sensation of feminine and elegance and it will bring back love and memories of your big day. 

I personally package every single robe in a gorgeous organza bag ready for you to unwrap and treat yourself or spoil with a perfect gift your lovely bridesmaids that took care of you along all the way. They deserve a piece of this journey too 😉

I have a very special gift for you..

I am glad I got the most amazing video and photos of my wedding day because they are memories for life and every time I watch them it is like it was yesterday.
On the other hand, I don’t have as many photos as I wish of the bridal shower my bridesmaids organised for me or the incredible day we spent in the spa.

I do not have pictures of my hair and makeup done in my beautiful bridal robe while dreaming and watching the snow fall from the window. I do not have enough photos of the morning I spent at home with my family before the ceremony. The time just flew, and it will never come back.

The moments you shared with your best friends and family, the parties they organise for you, the attention, the cuddles before the big day are full of joy and excitement as the wedding itself. These precious moments are all about you – the bride to be.

Time flies but memories last forever.

I want to give you a reason to get as many photos as possible to help you remember those feelings. This is my personal gift to you that will help to keep your memories safe. Send me your best photos of your moments with your bridesmaids, family and friends, and I will prepare an elegant digital photobook for you.

I know the happiness this little gift will bring you, so I feel it’s the least I can do and I’m sure, when you will look at it in 10 years time, you will be glad you got it.

If this is not enough, I will give you an extra discount if you want to have it printed for you and your bridesmaids.

I wish you all the best.


Did you know?

“Bellissima” is the Italian word for “very beautiful”.
As the Italian grammar is more complicated than what you can ever imagine, here is the explanation:
– bellissima – with the A at the end – is for female singular nouns like Annette is bellissimA.
– bellissimo – with the O at the end – is for male singular nouns like Daniel is bellissimO.
– bellissime – with the E at the end – is for female plural nouns like Annette and Clare are bellissimE.
– bellissimi – with the I at the end – is for male plural nouns like Daniel and John are bellissimI.

A special thank you to Grace and Sophia, they are absolutely stunning in the bridesmaid robes. To my little daughter Giorgia, she is still too young for the flower girl line, but she loved wear it anyway. To Twidale Hair and Makeup Studio that did a fantastic job. To Advantage Media – aka my husband – for making my idea possible.